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Analysis Services

Techmont offers seamless customer integration throughout the engineering processes. We make use of high end CAE/FEA, CFD tools to solve the industry’s toughest problems. We have Structural FEA tools to handle any structural engineering problem: large displacements, finite strain, contact, multibody dynamics, random vibration, implicit and explicit. Fluids, thermal and electromagnetic FEA tools are no different in their utilitarian variation. With depth in every simulation domains we serve wide range of industries. For every physics discipline - structural, fluids, thermal, electromagnetic, explicit and others - we offers sustainable and cost effective solutions for virtually any engineering eventuality.

Techmont uses information technology for supporting engineers in tasks such as analysis, simulation, design, manufacture, planning, diagnosis & repair. For instance using software tools to analyze the robustness and performance of components and assemblies. It encompasses simulation, validation and optimization of products and design of its manufacturing tools. In the future, Techmont’s CAE systems will be major providers of information to help support design teams in decision making.

Techmont has been investing in creating State-of-the-art facilities and capabilities. Techmont has built up a strong capability in design and engineering, including a fully fledged CAE validation facility, which gives Techmont a Full Service Supply Capability - from product conceptualization to product design validation. Today, companies need to ensure products meet performance criteria and improve "time-to-market" amidst increasing pressure to reduce manufacturing costs. Techmont's extensive FEA knowledgebase allows companies to achieve these goals. Our expertise ranges from analysis of small electronic capacitors through thermal & structural couple field analysis to transient thermal analysis of nuclear pressure containers and more. Our experts use state-of-the-art analysis software and virtual prototyping, which is vital in reducing costly time-consuming testing cycles.