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Techmont works out with high end computer-aided engineering (CAE) software’s to accurately simulate aerodynamics, engine performance and other mission critical behavior. Simulation tools integrates and couples comprehensive multiphysics capabilities featuring computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) for high fidelity simulations such as:

  • Cooling of avionics
  • Dynamic stresses in flexible, moving parts like landing gear
  • Fluid structure interactions (FSI) of high-speed flows with lightweight structures
  • Modal analyses and rotordynamic analyses of rotating engine parts
  • Optimization of electromagnetic actuators in the “all-electric airplane” and many other applications
  • Performance analysis of flow through multiple blade rows in engines
  • Thermal stress analyses of combustors, turbines, heat shields, anti-icing systems, and other hot components

We have successfully completed assignments in Aero Engines, Aero Structures, Accessories, and Ground Support Engines.